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Online Cutting Lists - Fast easy to use.
Preparing a Cutting List can take a lot of time and effort and that's only the first part of the task, as you then need to send your Cut List to a supplier to obtain an accurate and reliable quote. Very often problems occur when your supplier tells you they are awaiting delivery of some of the materials shown on your Cut List or that they don't stock the particular board or edging you require.

Avon Plywood have recently launched an online Cutting List service that gives you all the materials you need from stock to produce accurate and comprehensive Cutting Lists .... in a fraction of the time it normally takes.
Try our Cutting List Service.
The first step is to choose from a wide range of wood board products (MDF, Plywood, Blockboard, Chipboard, Valchomat etc) in a variety of sizes. If you require edging you can choose from a large selection of different types, sizes and colours, either all around or by side.

Computerised Precision Cutting
When you have finished your cutting lists you can 'click a button' and send them to us for a prompt and accurate quote.

Once you have approved the quote we simply release your order to our computerised cutting system.

What you want, when you want it !
Because Avon Plywood are one of the UK's largest stockists of wood board products all of the options listed are available immediately from stock ... which means you get exactly what you want, when you want it.